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I have been working as a marriage and family therapist for over 13 years providing mental health services to families, couples, and children. In addition to teaching parenting classes, children’s groups, and workshops, I have worked as a therapist at the ADHD Clinic of Sierra Vista Child and Family Services.  I have a growing private practice and contract with several insurance companies where I see children, teens, and adults for relationship issues, behavioral problems and school related concerns. I am registered through the Board of Behavioral Sciences to provide seminars and workshops for continuing education to marriage family therapists and social workers. 

I am excited to be an adjunct instructor at MJC where I began my educational journey in the 1980’s. After graduating from MJC I transferred to California State University Stanislaus where I received my Bachelors Degree in Psychology, and then my Masters of Science Degree in Clinical Psychology.  This was followed by many hours of working with clients and two State exams in order to receive my license as a marriage and family therapist. I have enjoyed being a part of MJC’s innovative approach to provide course instruction that promote the combination of learning and the joy of promoting the advancement of play and learning for healthy children of all ages.  My interest in helping children, parents, and teachers work together has led me to specialize in Special Education regulations and making sure free and appropriate education is provided in an objective and effective manner that increases the quality of live in children and their families in the community.  Play and play therapy are also central aspects of my profession and personal life.

I am an active member of the Central Valley Chapter’s California Association for Play Therapy to increase the community’s understanding of the importance of play and play therapy.  I belong to the California Association of Marriage and Family therapists, to promote ethical mental health practices that enrich mental health and relationships. I also participate in National Alliance for Mental Illness to increase awareness and break down myths and barriers associated with mental illness.

Prior to working in the mental health profession, my husband of 28 years and myself, while raising two children, owned and operated a catering business with a restaurant and bakery.  I have been baking and decorating cakes since I was eleven years of age and continue to use my artistic interests and creative talent in food, and other art forms, in my teaching approach and working with children and families